About Us

Located in Southern California, Rambling Rose Rescue was founded by Markku & Carlota Juhola. The rescue was inspired by sweet Charlie who was born a wild donkey (burro) in their horse pasture with a congenital heart murmur and has neurological problems. Due to his complex health issues they became the permanent home of Charlie and his family.

Carlota & Markku have together been rescuing animals since 1995 including equines, cats, dogs, birds and reptiles.

Rambling Rose Rescue is a 501(c))(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2019. Our board of directors is comprised of volunteers and none receive a salary or compensation. All donations to Rambling Rose Rescue go to the care of the animals.

Mission Statement

Rambling Rose Rescue is dedicated to providing a safe positive environment for equines and other animals that have been abused, neglected, abandoned and the sick, injured, orphaned or displaced wild horses, donkeys and burros.

Our rescue will take the time for the animals to heal physically and emotionally then prepare them through handling and training to find an adoptive home.

Rambling Rose Rescue will educate the community about the proper healthcare, welfare, handling and training of domesticated and wild horses, donkeys and burros through a variety of outreach programs, clinics, and being available to colleges and universities with animal husbandry and veterinary programs.